My Top Two Priorities as IEEE President

My flagship/signature project will be to embrace advances in AI to help transform IEEE from today’s traditional technical ‘paper provider’ to a ‘knowledge provider.’ The way the existing IEEE knowledge base (IEEE Explore) of over 4.5 million+ papers and standards is organized doesn’t fit well the needs of engineers, scientists and researchers. Today, instead of offering users the knowledge, we provide them very traditional, raw information formatted as ‘papers.’ Text analytics and knowledge discovery tools can turn this ever-growing collection of documents into a much more valuable, customized resource. This way we will deliver personalized bits of knowledge such as directly applicable algorithms, design solutions, data, codes, engineering methods that meet users’ expectations. This will meet expectation both of the academics and also of industry practitioners.

My second priority will be to better respond to the needs of all segments of members, especially industry practitioners and underserved/underrepresented communities of young professionals and women. Our products, services, and educational offerings have to be more relevant to their jobs and career aspirations. I will focus on providing members in the industry with information through topical industry resource centers. Such centers with a single point of entry will help them find quality technical information quickly and in addition they allow them to continue their education, aiding to their lifelong career growth.

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