IEEE Accomplishments

My focus has been on securing the global leadership of IEEE Technical Activities and on addressing the needs of engineers/practitioners. My accomplishments include:

  • As Chair and Member of the TAB Periodicals Committee, I championed the development and approval of twelve new IEEE Magazines and three new Virtual Journals on interdisciplinary topics. These new titles have been added to assist industrial practitioners with staying up-to-date.
  • As Chair of this Committee, I introduced strategic planning as its standing focus, and included streamlining the periodical approval process.
  • As Chair and Member of the TAB Periodical Review and Advisory Committee, I introduced changes to existing periodicals and their review operations that have resulted in improved timeliness and better guidance to editors.
  • As Society President, I championed the implementation of web-based operations of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (web repositories, web meetings, and electronic discussion boards).
  • As Society President, I nurtured collegiality and openness to attract, inspire and motivate the best S/C volunteers that could be found.
  • As Editor-in-Chief, I pioneered electronic submissions and reviews of IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks long before it was a common practice at IEEE.
  • As Chair of a committee assisting foreign authors in publishing, I assisted these authors with lowering their entry barriers to IEEE journals and conferences.
  • As a TAB and Publication Services and Products Board member in 2010-11, I contributed to the competitive positioning of over 150 IEEE periodicals by introducing improvements for readers, authors, and reviewers.

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