IEEE Accomplishments

My recent IEEE accomplishments are in finances, global positioning, career resources, and products and operations. They cover three periods:

  • TAB Chair tenure (2013-2015)
  • PSPB V-Chair, TAB Periodicals Committee Chair, and TAB Periodicals Review and Advisory Committee Chair (2008-13)
  • Technical Society Service as President (2004-05)

  1. As TAB Chair-Elect and TAB Chair I have supported and successfully co-managed the TAB-wide initiative of achieving FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY across all OUs in TAB. To better run their operations, Societies and Councils have long requested access to financial details of their product lines such as periodicals, conferences, membership, education, and standards. Having realized that the related modification of IEEE financial reporting is a necessary yet a complex and time-consuming process, working with IEEE staff, key TA volunteers and the TA Financial Transparency Ad Hoc Committee I appointed, I have managed to put this complex effort on a three-year schedule. Thanks to this multi-year approach, after some 30 months, we are now through the discovery phase: Society/Council versions of TAB-wide roll-up are currently being produced. This mapping project will also provide overhead cost at all levels of the Institute and all OUs. Progress is being made towards the automated production of such reports.
  2. In 2013 as VP-TA Elect and Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Globalization of TA, I have initiated and brought to maturity a unique GLOBALIZATION WORKSHOPS INITIATIVE that builds a solid base of mid- and high-level IEEE/TA volunteers outside Regions 1-7. This effort has been motivated by the strong growth of membership, authorship, and conferences in Regions 8-10. To address this change, a series of ‘Train the Trainers’ Workshops has been launched during my TAB Chair tenure. Reproducible one-day seminars have been offered in Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Mumbai, Delhi and Warsaw; the packaged lecture material has been made available to the course graduates for multiple deliveries of the workshops to their constituencies.
  3. I have initiated a TA-wide push to provide better packaged EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES for IEEE, S/C members and the general public. When chairing the 2013 Ad Hoc on Leveraging Education in Technical Activities and working with volunteers and staff, we have inventoried the majority of educational offerings by S/C. We established that many valuable educational programs such as workshops, plenaries and Distinguished Lectures are one-time, volatile events, and either leave no record, or the recorded material is difficult to access. To develop a potential line of educational services or business, TA, Societies and MGA have expanded their platforms to accommodate either free, or paid and society membership-based access to video content and its improved discovery.
  4. As Chair of the TAB Periodicals Review and Advisory Committee, I have worked successfully with PSPB to change the language of the PSPB OpsMan to address the issue of the IMPACT FACTOR INTEGRITY in context of editorial practices. As member and Chair of the TAB Periodicals Committee I have championed and led development and approval of 12 NEW IEEE MAGAZINES since 2006 and three new Virtual Journals or Compendia of select IEEEXplore papers on interdisciplinary topics of current interest. As TAB-PSPB member and TAB Periodicals Chair in 2010-11 I introduced STRATEGIC PLANNING as a standing focus of the TAB Periodicals Committee. Working with colleagues I introduced changes to TAB periodicals and their review operations that have resulted in improved timeliness and better advising of editors.

As Society President I championed and helped with modern IMPLEMENTATION OF WEB-BASED OPERATIONS of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (web repositories, web meetings, and electronic discussion boards). While this is more or less a routine task/platform nowadays, it was a cutting-edge practice (if not a pioneering one) across IEEE at the time when it was first established.