Focus on Members

Redefine membership value to meet the needs of our members from different regions, age groups, career objectives and industry segment

Renewed focus is needed on current and future members from underprivileged or underrepresented groups, including women, students, young professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as those in less advanced economies seeking professional growth. This would require better outreach to these underserved communities.

We need to play a bigger role in attracting women to technology-related professions and do better in creating role models of women engineers. We need to better champion profiles of women with successful careers in science, technology, engineering to attract young women to these disciplines. Once members, they should have access to specialized technical and leadership training and networking opportunities. IEEE can hone all these talents.

Unfortunately, our membership has been aging for some time. To retain IEEE student members when they transition to Young Professional status I’ll recommend a reduction of IEEE membership fees for students for their first few years after graduation, allowing them to help pay lower dues at a time when they’re starting to pay off their student loans. I will also focus on improving services for Young Professionals to better fit their career aspirations.