Knowledge vs. Information

Improve the utility of IEEE’s Intellectual Property (consisting of over 4.5 million papers) by combining it with intelligent analytic tools.

My flagship/signature project will embrace the AI advances to transform IEEE from today’s traditional technical ‘paper provider’ to a ‘knowledge provider’. The way our existing IEEE knowledge base of over 4.5 million papers and standards is organized doesn’t fit the needs of engineers, scientists and researchers. Instead of offering users the knowledge, we provide them a very traditional, raw information formatted as ‘papers’. Text analytics and knowledge discovery tools can turn this ever-growing collection of documents into a more valuable resource.

As a neural networks pioneer, I plan to launch the new ‘AI-aligned-IEEE’. To better meet users’ needs, the new AI-driven IEEE Explore-Plus would deliver highly-processed, filtered, on-demand knowledge formatted as designs, algorithms, codes, technical solutions, products, standards, and even handle answers to technical questions. This overdue change will improve productivity and empower users to discover and track personalized knowledge. This will provide users with knowledge rather than information.