Technology Leadership

Foster technological lead and nurture emerging technologies.

As we build new communities around the emerging technologies, we need to harness the best talent and energies of our members but also thousands of supporters who are not IEEE members. We will also need to re-orient The Institute more toward a knowledge-based organization. This will include AI/Communications related technologies such as the AI, Internet of Things (and of Everything), Big Data, Cyber-physical Systems, Smart Materials and Autonomous Symbiotic Systems.

The IEEE’s primary mission is to deliver trusted knowledge in the technologies in its scope. To fulfill this role, I envision increased strategic partnerships of IEEE with leading industries. This goal will be easier to achieve if we can incentivize more industrial practitioners to join the as members. This, in turn, can happen if IEEE offers an attractive portfolio of products and services for professionals such as life-long learning, certification courses, and retraining opportunities as well as networking opportunities, strong Chapters and vibrant local activities.