I have experience with most facets of the Institute, and feel I am well qualified for the position of IEEE President. As a member of IEEE for over 30 years, I have worked as an IEEE volunteer in positions of increased responsibilities for the last two decades. With extensive and demonstrated knowledge of IEEE publications, services and products, and especially of technical activities, publications and conferences, I am well prepared for the IEEE Presidency. In addition to being a recognized researcher with 10,500 citations, I bring a variety of perspectives and unique professional experiences as former Editor-in-Chief, academic department chair, Society President, TAB Chair, PSPB V-Chair and as a member or chair of several important IEEE and TAB committees.

I bring to the position of IEEE President a unique combination of leadership, technical and people skills. This includes my recent experience from the TAB floor in leading a large and diverse group of high-level volunteers. As an analytical thinker I like to plan in terms of critical path. I also work well with teams of people to reach the goals. By ‘leading by example’, through collegiality, openness and high standards of conduct, I have been able to build effective teams, inspire, and motivate many volunteers.

The IEEE is a multi-faceted and global association. And since today’s world is a global one, the IEEE President must share and promote this global view for the organization. My background gives me the insights and skills needed here. I had multi-cultural exposure in my MS/PhD educational upbringing in Poland and Switzerland, followed by the 30 year-long professional career in the US. I also spent several sabbatical years at leading universities of Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, and have served overseas twice as a Fulbright Specialist. These activities have significantly contributed to my global outlook. Notably, in addition to English and my native Polish, I speak German (idiomatic), and am fluent in French and Russian.

I have held several IEEE leadership positions in Technical Activities (including the 2014 TAB Chair as the most prominent), and in Publications, Products and Services and Technical Activities Boards. I was Chair of the Periodicals Committee (2010-11) and of the TAB Periodical Review and Advisory Committee (2012-13). I was active in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society as its President (2004-05) and Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (1998-03). I served as an Associate Editor of three different IEEE Transactions, was a Member of the Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the IEEE, and chair or member of about 150 conference committees.

I strongly believe in the unique value of the Institute and am committed to it as a global and proud organization. Further, as members and volunteers are IEEE’s core strength, I am committed to lead the Institute and work with them and IEEE staff to help deliver strategic solutions, and at the same time to advance member services. I have the time, knowledge, experience, and energy to take the leading role.

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