IEEE is a unique, universally recognized organization that is volunteer-driven and serves its members and humanity by publishing journals and standards, organizing conferences and educational programs, and by nurturing professional needs of its members. IEEE’s mission is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. In fulfilling its mission, the Institute delivers its products, services and related public message by the close partnership of Societies, Councils and Technical Communities with key contributions by Regions, Sections and Chapters, the Standards Association, IEEE-USA and the EAB.

The fast-moving pace of technology and globalization is creating unique opportunities for IEEE. This requires that the incoming President harness the enormous energy and creativity of collective thinking and take a leading role to grow the Institute.

If elected to lead the IEEE, I will address the following goals:

  • Continue delivering products and services of the highest quality at affordable and sustainable member prices, including a practice-oriented content and activities in IEEE journals, magazines, conferences and industry portals;
  • Assist members who face the challenge of keeping up with advancing technology and changing careers with staying up-to-date in their professions by nurturing new and emerging technologies;
  • Protect and strengthen financial viability of IEEE while investing in new directions;
  • Expand nimble educational offerings and continuing education opportunities for industry professionals to satisfy their life-long career needs and to increase their opportunities for advancement. These offerings should cover not only technical skills but also leadership and management skills;
  • Improve the integration of IEEE main OUs activities. Joint activities should better harmonize Societies/Councils with Sections/Chapters which are the geographical homes for all IEEE activities.
  • Support interactions between IEEE, government, NGOs, standards organizations, and industry in order to enhance the value and image of the profession, and to advance the welfare of our members. This would provide improved guidance for policy makers worldwide and improve public recognition of IEEE;
  • Enhance the outreach to communities which are underserved due to the access to information, geographical region, sex or age. Such outreach would foster both technology and membership growth;
  • Promote more balanced geographical and gender representation among
    Members, and in volunteer leadership positions, including conferences and publications;

I believe in the unique values of IEEE and am dedicated to the Institute as a global organization. Furthermore, in recognizing that IEEE’s core strength is in its volunteers and members’ energy and skills, I am committed to lead the IEEE community towards implementing its strategic solutions. I have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to pursue this effort.

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