Technical Activities encompass journals, conferences, standards and continuing education and are implemented by the Societies, Councils, and Chapters. They also involve the coordination and delivery of products and services to our members and customers worldwide and are of paramount importance for the advancement of technology within IEEE’s field of interest. My experience has convinced me that to improve our operations, the following key goals must be addressed for the benefit of our members and the profession:

  • Deliver products and services of the highest quality at affordable and sustainable member prices.
  • Deliver practice-oriented content in IEEE journals, magazines and conferences.
  • Assist members who face the challenge of keeping up with advancing technology with staying up-to-date in their professions by nurturing new and emerging technologies, agile conferences with rapid content delivery and improved professional networking.
  • Expand educational offerings for industrial practitioners to satisfy their lifelong career needs and to increase the opportunities for professional advancement. These offerings should cover not only technical skills but also leadership and management skills.
  • Enhance the prominence of and members’ access to the IEEE Leadership Training program allowing direct engagement in volunteer activities so that member satisfaction and relevance of the IEEE continue to grow. Such training modules should also enable members’ advancement to managerial positions.
  • Address the issue of open-access publishing within IEEE through fast dissemination to all members with no cost of delivery.
  • Enrich technical activities by encouraging strong regional participation. These joint activities should involve Regions, Sections and Chapters which are the geographical homes for all IEEE activities.
  • Improve the quality and value of member services for graduate students, GOLD (Graduate of Last Decade), Women in Engineering and Life members.
  • Ensure that IEEE members stay well connected as a network of people who share common interests, needs and goals.
  • Support interactions between IEEE, government and industries in order to enhance the value and image of the profession, and to advance the welfare of IEEE members
  • Reach out to new and developing communities of potential members by reducing economic and cultural entry barriers. This outreach especially concerns countries and regions of fast economic growth which lack the infrastructure, know-how and numbers of volunteers available in more developed economies.

While the fast-moving pace of technology and globalization may appear disruptive to our publishing and conferences, IEEE Technical Activities must view these changes as opportunities to improve and expand. This requires that the incoming Chair take a leading role in adopting these technologies and in converting them to valued products and services to our members and customers.

I believe in the unique value of Technical Activities and am committed to IEEE as a global organization. Furthermore, in recognizing that IEEE’s core strength is in its volunteers and members, I am committed to lead and work with the community to craft strategic solutions and advance member services. I have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to pursue the vision as outlined above.

I appreciate your consideration and welcome your vote and support.

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